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In the late 1950's and early 1960's, way before the jets could land, the Balearic island of Ibiza saw an influx of fascinating people, sometimes referred to as beatniks, hippies and so on. In reality they were a complete mixture of artistes, writers, musicians, forgers, conmen and bums.

Among them was the writer John Anthony West (JAW) who moved there in 1958 and became my stepfather in 1966.



Some of the famous and infamous people to have frequented the island in those years were:
Elmyr de Hory (famous forger), Clfford Irving (Hoaxed the Howard Hughes biography),
Romy Schneider, Nina and Frederick Van Pallandt (remember "Little Donkey"! ), Irma Kurtz, Norman Mailer, Terry Thomas, Terence Stamp, Charlotte Rampling, Nico and so on..............


More reminiscences


Here you will find some images of those years:


The Clan !

From left to right:

Steve Seeley, Gerry Margeson, Steve Erickson, JAW, Jan Gerhard Toonder .


And again, at Juanito's kids communion.

Juanito ran one of the many restaurants in Ibiza town, often frequented by the clan.



JAW was the proud co-wner of a 1926 Morris Cowley which he and long time friend Gordon Gardner drove down from London sometime in 1960.



JAW and Frontis, one of his two fabulous Ibizan Hounds.




JAW, Frontis and Leo.





Many wild parties were held at JAW's home "Rum Place":




JAW on the right of both pictures, my mother Catherine Dolan in both, the guy in the left picture with the thin tie is Bernie Bishop, a real life New York version of Popeye.




Bernie, Catherine and JAW.


JAW, Catherine and Jack Beeching, on a boat.



The wonderful Alan Schmer, outstanding painter and character, Zappa on acid !




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