From 1963 to 1966 I lived and went to school in Barcelona.

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Geraint and school friends in the flat at Casa Milà (La Pedrera) in 1965.

From left to right:

Geraint, Josefina Martí, José Fresco and George Ferrer.



The Gaudí flat in Casa Milà (La Pedrera) 1965.



As you can see we had a rooftop flat on the far side of building,

looking down onto Carrer Provença.








And in 2004



Sections of the building are now open to the public, however not my old flat.





My 1965 class at the Barcelona Lyçée Français. GH is 4th from the left (bottom row!)



                           Schoolfriend Fina Martí                                   The old school




Mother sees off a friend about to sail to Ibiza.    US subs dock right next the port cafés.



US sailors, the passenger ship Ciudad de Ibiza and Las Ramblas.





A PanAm DC 8 Clipper at El Prat airport, and the view from Hotel Principal into Junta de Comerç.



Mother (somewhat depressed I think) and son at the archery range on Montjuïc.