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EGYPT 1999


BARCELONA 1965 (yes !)







A recent trip to Death Valley, California.







Hanging out in Egypt!





While I was in Egypt, I was lucky enough to have a 35 mil Pentax with wide a angle lens with me, I managed to take some fabulous pictures of the architechture, sometimes in the early dawn light. So if you see some oddly tinged hues in the collection, it's not Photoshop!
So click the link below for some cool shots of Egypt.




The first "proper" band.




In 1965 I was 12 and living in Barcelona with my mother.
We had a flat in this strange Anton Gaudí building,
Casa Milà, also known as La Pedrera.


GH on the roof of La Pedrera on a recent visit in 2004




And now it's a lighter !



LA Pedrera and other Barcelona photos from 1965




Family Pictures



This is my father,
Graham Hughes,
Emiritus Professor of Law,
New York University.

This is my mother,
Catherine Dolan, née Phyllis
She was an actress.


to see a nude portrait of my mother by Marievna Rivera, late partner to the late Diego Rivera

My parents are Welsh, and were born in the industrial town of Port Talbot in South Wales.
My father has always been a champion of the Welsh and the Welsh language. He has written a fascinating essay about his upbringing in Port Talbot, with some insights into the state of the Welsh language over the last 100 years.

click here for essay



Brother Dafydd is a mean
guitarist, currently
living in New York.


A small GH.

Dafydd, Graham and Geraint, mid 90's.

 GH and GH.

Geraint and Dafydd in a US Diner.

My stepmother Hélène and my son Leigh, probably around 1992.


And now:


November 2004 on a visit to Brighton.


And 2010 with Clare and Suzy


Geraint with stepfather John Anthony West

Suzy, stepsis Zoe and stepdad JAW, enjoying jellied eels in Brighton.

This faded photo on the right is a small piece of history. Shot in 1943 in Port Talbot, South Wales, it is a school production of Pygmalion.
On the far left is my father Graham Hughes, on the far right, in the hat, is my mother Phyllis Dolan, in the middle, and clutching his lapels, is Richard Jenkins, later to become the famous Welsh actor Richard Burton.

This is a photo of my mother from the same production, on the back it reads:

"Mrs Eynsford Hill, Pygmalion/43"